eDetect , collective security

The municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht together with the police and firebrigade, makes a start with eDetect. And also the associaton of shopkeepers and the businessclub VAO join in.

By means of the app and the security network everyone is connected; businessmen, shopkeepers, municipality, police, firebrigade, securityservices and the ARC.
The ARC takes care that there is always a professional looking into the network. This way every stakeholder in the security for businesses is working together and everyone can reach one another. A unique concept in the Netherlands.

Unique in the Netherlands

We performed a survey in the municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and with this we have collected all the relevant wishes and demands with regards to security for business.
This was the start for our idea of the digital security network. Together with the app we developed all wishes and demands are met.

For free but not anonymous

All entrepreneurs get the app for free. The app can only be used if an obligatory account is made on the internetsite.This means no one is anonymous. And everyone working at a company can download the app. So also staff involved with the security of the enterprise or organisation is present in the security network.

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