3D Visualisation

In the digital world it becomes more and more important how you visualize your products. In the past it was the actual product that could be hold and inspected. But nowadays with a website and especially with a webshop people have to deal with a picture. In most cases this is sufficient, but not always and it can be done better.


By digitizing the product as a whole in 3D many new possibilities arise. The client can virtually hold the product in 3D and admire it from all sides. And if for instance the product has extra options the client can see them all and try. Mostly this is isn’t possible with a real product. Looking them up and having them all in store simply is too expensive.
But with 3D visualisations you can easily show all options.

3D Scanning

In order to make a 3D model true to nature, we advocate the scanning of the real product. Up to half a millimeter the product is captured. With this captured 3D image your client can see the product as it really is in the 3 dimensions.
In the movie to the right you see how this works. There are several techniques and 3D scanning can be done with light or with laser.
And there is the possibility to use a fixed stand or as you see in the movie use a handheld 3D scanner. 3D scanning is one of the rapid developments nowadays. We can advise you for the best technique for your purposes. So please call or mail for a conversation free of charge.

3D Modelling

With 3D software we can design a product on an empty screen, this is called 3D modelling. This can also be done from a digital drawing or a photo. A 3D scanned product also needs finishing. This means that we can adjust a product or we model parts of the product.

The disadvantage of 3D models which are completely drawn is that you often see that they are not realistic.
Lines are “too straight” and the edges are “too sharp”. In practice we see that we are making 3D models more realistic by actually making them less perfect.

The video shown is from a 3D scanned armchair which we turn round by using 3D software.
Especially mind the folds and the lines. This just makes 3D visualisation so realistic.

3D Visualisation

The most fun it is if you place images of 3D scanned products in a virtual reality. Mainly for printing and advertising we make these 3D visualisations. We take care that the right fabric or colour is placed on the 3D model or 3D scan.
After that we create a virtual setting in which the product(s) are placed, the lighting is determined as well as the cameraposition. Of this image we make a 3D rendering, by which a ‘real’ photo is created.

Next to this you will see the result an armchair in brown leather and with a chromium foot cross. Underneath that a sofa, placed in a room with sunlight falling through the window. To show all the endless opportunities we have placed several fabrics on part of the sofa, all were made by use of the computer.

3D scannen van stoel en een render met bruin leer en chromen voetkruis
3D visualisatie van 3D scan van bank met render van 3D modelleren in kamer met eigen stoffen

3D Configuration

An important reason why 3D visualisation is chosen is because of the opportunity to show a product in all its shapes and possiblities. If you visit the website of a car manufacturer you expect that you can completely configure the car. You can look at it completely by your taste and preferences, with the right paint, type, alloy wheels and all other options.

Therefore we have developed a special userinterface in which the product can configurated as intuitive as possible. We do this by using a combination of an app and the internet. In this way we can make it as individual software that can be used on all mobile devices; Windows, iOS by Apple or Google Android. We publish the apps in the App stores of Windows, Google or the Appstore by Apple. By this your clients can download them and you have the favicon of your app on all these mobile phones and tablets.

One of our best examples is the Chaircreator

Magento 3D configuratie Module

The Chaircreator is made with Magento Commerce.

3D Integration with Magento

As said before we make the 3D configuration for App and the internet. This has the great advantage for an integration into a website or a webshop. Especially for a webshop 3D configuration can be very interesting.

For the first time the product can really be shown in all types, colours and all other options. This makes 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D visualisation so unique. And there is an additional advantage! This is the reduction of failure. The client now sees exactly the version that he orders. Especially with products like office furniture or furniture for your home it means the reduction of many wrong orders and that is a big reduction of costs.

As a specialist in Magento based Webshops we have made a 3D configuration module which can be fully integrated in Magento webshops. For you as a client and especially for your clients this works with optimal results. Next to the 3D configuration everything can be filtered, searched for and placed into a shopping cart as is normal in Magento webshops. Whether you are a wholesale company, a manufacturer or a retail business in this way you can have the maximum advantages that 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D visualisation can offer.

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