Foka Photo, Image and Sound

In Rotterdam the Netherlands for 80 years now Foka is outstanding in the field of Photo, Image and Sound

CMS Webshop
We have designed an extensive webshop for Foka.
This webshop contains modules for cross selling, accountmanagement, accessories, banner advertisments, similar products as well as an extensive filter on productlevel.
A Google sitemap is installed together with search engine friendly url’s. This is done for a better indexing by Google.
The webshop has also a link with the cash desksystem of the physical shop of Foka. This cash desksystem provides the price information for the webshop.The Foka Webshop is also linked to pricecomparison websites in the Netherlands. Every evening the pricing is given to these comparisonwebsites.
The whole webshop is adjusted to Google Analytics, so usage is registered and can well be analysed.
This way we know who starts with a shoppingcart and who gets out of the orderprocess, when and to where. And measure who ordered, what was ordered and in what quantity and value.
Using this orderinformation can also value comparisonwebsites, Google Adwords and other paid advertisingspace.
This is essential for a good commercial internetpolicy. One of the successfactors on the internet.


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