Swan-Products Website, Webshop and App

For Swan Products we have made a new website based on the complete productcatalogue. Linked to this website there are external systems that give the opportunity to configure products. All the possible combinations are directly visible on screen.
And this complete system is linked to the administrative software. For the clients of Swan Products there is the possibility to show a part of the productcatalogue within there own website. This is done by means of an iframe.


Swan-Products Website

The website of our client Swan-Products is the source of information for their network of dealers. All pricing information for dealers can be found on this website. Next to this their is a databank for images so everyone can be supplied with good resolution images. And this is important for the way Swan Products is looked at in the world of office furniture. Furhermore the website is the source for the e-mail newsletter as well as the Swan-Product App. All novelties in the world of office furniture are automatically and periodically sent by e-mail and are always up to date within the App.

Swan-Products Webstore

We build a comprehensive webstore for Swan-Products. This store serves as a portal for ordering by their dealers.
The dealers can order and follow their orders by themselves in the webstore. With the use of the webstore Swan-Products has completely switched to digital ordering and invoicing. With this their complete process has been automated.
And unique within the Magento webstore is the possibility to configure the product. A dealer can really compose the whole product and check whether the product he orders is the correct one. With this Swan-Products is able to reduce an enormous amount of wrong orders and recalls. And yearly this adds up to big cost reduction.

Swan-Products App

For their office furniture discipline and mainly for their dealers Swan-Products has asked us to make an App on which news and novelties are collected. The App is for use on Ipads and tablets for Android. This way all dealers are informed with last information in the world of office furniture. And they know what’s new at Swan-Products!
And within the App there is a space for the complete catalogue of Swan-Products and there is a link to the productconfigurator in the webstore.
And that just makes the difference in a salesmeeting!!

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